Body of Light Newsletter Articles

Apr: Nobel Prize for DNA Repair / Tip for Helping Kids Eat Healthier / A New, Improved Website for the BoL Community

Mar: Fit to Ride: Fun and Safety Bike-Fit Basics / Keep Young Athletes Healthy & Fit / BoL Treats Athletes from Casual to Elite

Feb: Adjustments and the Immune System / Boost Your Immunity with a Massage / Kids & Chiropractic: A Growing Trend

Jan: The Importance of Non-Exercise Movement / Planning for Wellness / How Chiropractic Honors the Health Already Within Your Child

Dec: Regular Chiropractic Care Relieves Chronic Stress / Kids Out of Balance

Nov: Social Anxiety Disorder Linked to High Serotonin Levels, Throwing Treatment with SSRIs into Serious Question; Update on sitting/research; Beyond School Scoliosis Screening.

Oct: Common exercises that can result in injury; Playing is more than just fun: Benefits of proper motion

Sep: Backpacks and back pain in children; Chiropractors leading charge against "text neck" in teens

Aug: Avoiding travel aches and strains; The New Wellness Care for Children

July: " of the most unhealthy things you do"  

June: "Safety and satisfaction: hallmarks of chiropractic care proven by studies"

May: "Pain Medications: "NIH study reveals scant evidence for their effectiveness"

Apr: Roundup of top health articles from the nation's most-read natural health website

Mar: “Connect the dots” local business focusing on kids’ sensory disorders

Feb:  "Foods to help you age better...and chromosome caps called telomeres"

Jan: "Pain Pills: Pushing Addiction"

Dec: Book Joe Dispenza (You are the Placebo)

Nov: Ballot measure 92 (GMO)

Oct: Oregon proclamation re chiro month

Sep: The most common regrets: They don't have to be ours

Aug: Massage: An effective healing ally

July: Epigenetics

June: Primer on Back Pain

May: What is chiropractic and how does it advance your wellness

Apr: Meditation/Yoga

Mar: Health news summaries from Men’s Journal, Part 2

Feb: Health news summaries from Men’s Journal, Part 1

Jan: Chiro During Pregnancy


Dec: Holiday donation suggestions and health info sources

Nov: Chiropractic maintenance

Oct: Gardasil

Sep: GMOs

Aug: 9 foods to avoid; 10 you should eat

July: What doctors don’t tell you

June: Our body’s innate intelligence

May: Chiropractic care promotes optimal wellness

Apr: Foundation Training

Mar: Athlete

Feb: Pregnancy

Jan: Bone loss, Mammogram=Women