Dedication to supporting families - Meet Ashley French-Roberts

After almost three decades of living in Oregon, Body of Light’s new back office guru, Ashley French-Roberts, continues to love visiting our coast. Now she plays on the beach with her husband, 4-year old son and 4-month twin boys - and especially loves watching her oldest son experience the joy of being there. Ashley enjoys being outdoors in general, particularly in the fall. When the weather finally forces her inside she becomes a fan of “The Office”…some would say she is obsessed with the show!

Before coming to Body of Light, Ashley was a student in the Early Childhood Education program at Lane Community College and then worked at a local non-profit providing support for children and families in need. She was employed there for nearly twenty years, and now we are pleased to have her at Body of Light, continuing in her dedication to serving families. And Ashley’s equally pleased to be here, saying “I love that I get to work with great people, from my co-workers to the wonderful clients who walk through the door!”

…And more from Ashley. We’ve done a little Q and A with the Body of Light staff, and here is what she had to say:

What do you think makes Eugene…Eugene?

I think ‘what makes Eugene... Eugene’ is simply the people. We have such a wonderful, colorful place all around us and the people here just amplify the greatness of it!

What do you do a rainy weekend day?

On a rainy weekend day, my son and I like to put on our rain gear and head outside to jump in puddles. Then we often come inside, turn off all of the lights, close the curtains and cuddle up with a movie.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

That I was a good listener - that it was a blessing that I was willing to sit down at any given time to listen to someone who was struggling, and how doing so helped that person. I will always be touched by how much this meant to the person who said this.

If you could meet to one person in history or fiction, who would it be?

It would be Magda Gerber. Though she has not been gone long, her work as an early childhood educator has impacted the early childhood education world in such an incredible way. I would love to simply sit with her and observe.