I Have Never Felt Better

Working in the construction business for the last twenty years has been extremely taxing on my body. About ten years ago, I thought that my career was over because of the terrible back pain I was experiencing. There was no way that I could continue with this very physical work day in and day out. Surgery and pain pills were not options that I was willing to consider. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. David and Dr. Melody at Body of Light Family Chiropractic.

After my first visit, I knew this office was here for me, the client. I was quickly convinced that the care I would receive would make a difference for me and my career. Since then, I have consistently been seeing Dr. David and recently been receiving Network Spinal Analysis care from Dr. Melody. Between the two, I have never felt better and am able to work hard every day and feel great. My life has changed for the better and the care and knowledge that I receive is spectacular.

- Mark Gianforti