She runs, plays, jumps and laughs every day.

She runs, plays, jumps and laughs every day.

Directly after her little swing set trick, when her neck began hurting, we took her to the after-hours emergency clinic.  After a painful set of neck exams and subsequent x-rays, we were told that there was nothing to do except wait it out & look at surgery if the issue persisted.  She was in such pain…not sleeping, not able to stand-up straight or sit without anguish.  She would simply freeze in fear if anyone came close to her head.   The extreme tension in her forehead is evident in the photo. 

 Calling Body of Light was the best thing ever. 

We Bring Our Daughters to Dr. Melody.

I first came to Body of Light almost 10 years ago. Since that time, I have received holistic care for a range of issues, including carpal tunnel and tendinitis in my wrist, a car accident and a bike accident and for general health and well-being. After a recent bike accident and shoulder injury, I began to see Dr. Melody for network spinal analysis. Before I began treatment I didn't have good range of motion and was severely limited in my ability to do basic things. After just a few weeks of treatment I found greater mobility and a significant reduction in pain.

In addition, we bring both of our daughters to Body of Light. Through her work, Dr. Melody is helping to enhance the physical and mental health of our very active children. - Kathy Lynn