Welcome to (Body of) Light Reading!

As a client or potential client of Body of Light, you’re interested in improving your health. And, of course, that’s why we’re here. Also like you, our concern with your health isn’t limited to chiropractic adjustments. We are "whole"-istic wellness practitioners who consider all the ways we can support your optimal health, and that’s what Light Reading is all about.
We’ll keep you informed about chiropractic care and massage but also provide you with information on a range of health and wellness subjects…and we’ll introduce you to the people and services at Body of Light that are here to help you and your family.
This blog is another opportunity to extend the Body of Light community conversation. And, since conversation involves (at least) two participants, we look forward to your comments on the subjects covered. Of course, as an extension of Body of Light, this blog is “family friendly,” and we reserve the right to remove comments with inappropriate language – but we work with wonderful people and don’t expect that to be necessary.
We hope you’ll come here often for a little light reading...tailored to the Body of Light community.